Best Woodstock DUI Lawyer

Best Woodstock DUI Lawyer

Best Woodstock DUI Lawyer

Best Woodstock DUI Lawyer:   Contact Bob Keefer today for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. There is no cost or obligation and your conversation will remain private and confidential.  You can schedule for your case evaluation by calling 540.433.6906 or using the Contact Form below:

Best Woodstock DUI Lawyer: Jarrett Jackson Bruce is a student at Texas Tech.  Bruce is a pitcher on the Texas Tech Baseball Team.  On January 16, 2015  Bruce was stopped by a Lubbock County Sheriff’s Deputy for a suspected traffic offense.  Unfortunately, this encounter with law enforcement ended with Bruce being arrested for DWI.

Best Woodstock DUI Lawyer:  Bruce probably did not know, understand or appreciate the Constitutional protections available to him in this encounter with law enforcement.  As a practical reality once a police officer smells alcohol on a driver at night the driver is going to be arrested for DUI.  The only positive thing the driver can do is assert his or her constitutional rights to help mitigate the likelihood of conviction.

Best Woodstock DUI Lawyer: The first thing you do is give the Officer the requested documents — usually driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.  The first thing you say is “I want a Lawyer.  If I am not under arrest please let me go.”  You do not have to perform the field tests; you do not have to blow into the hand held preliminary breath tester.  Do not help the officers.  The Officers will not go to bat for you for providing evidence against yourself; at best they will think you naive; at worst they will think you are stupid.  These Officers see you as a chance at a FREE vacation to Virginia Beach for the two best DUI Officers in each Department.  They are going to do what they need to do to win that raffle.

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woodstock traffic ticket lawyer

woodstock traffic ticket lawyer


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